Monday, February 23, 2009

ms_meme and the PCLinuxOS

ms_meme is an active Hero Member of the PCLinuxOS Forum. She is a young 68-year-old from Texas, USA, and the first time I met her on the forum was when she was asking for help on a matter that she had long-time resolved. My apologies because I cannot really remember what it was now.

She has the eagerness of a curious child; her gentle words reminds me so much of my mother; and she has a profound acumen in learning technical stuff. Recently, I was teasing her about learning Vi just because I am in the process of learning it as well. I have O'Reilly's 7th Edition of Learning the vi and Vim Editors, and am a third through. Lately, it's hard for me to find some time to just sit down and read.

Anyway, ms_meme likes to sing, and "the songs she sings are just her way of saying thank you". I find her melodious voice appealing. It is hard for me to find a favorite rom her huge collection; they are all beautiful and angelic. She even has a PCLinuxOS-specific song page that'll thrill any PCLinuxOS user with her verses and melody.

What is the whole point of this introduction? Nothing, except somewhere in this troubled world we live in, there are people like ms_meme, who deserve much of our beautiful planet and digital world. Real people who can make these two existence a better place to be in. So, thank you, ms_meme.

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