Sunday, February 15, 2009

1, 2 ... Start Advocating

When a lot of people see a computer, they'd quickly assume Windows inside. Fair enough. It's only a tool to help us in our productivity and communication; it's even just an entertainment box.

I started with Linux in the mid-1990s but it was still hard to use then, so I continued with Windows until 5 years ago to the month. I can remember, those were Fedora 3 and Ubuntu 4.x back then. The real change happened with my utter dissatisfaction with the nagging updates, viruses/worms and vulnerabilities plaguing Windows but there were so many Linux distributions to choose from.

Oh, I had it the hard way. I tried a dozen distros from the easy Puppy to the head-scratching Gentoo. After several months of searching, reformatting (I didn't know better then), and installing, I landed on PCLinuxOS. Well, I didn't want to commit a hundred percent so I dual-booted with Windows XP.

A year after that I completely wiped out Windows from my computers and haven't looked back since. Up until now, I am Windows-free and enjoying all the freedom Linux has brought me.

This blog is about Linux advocacy, particularly PCLinuxOS. It is my personal hope that in this small way, I may be able to contribute to the awareness that in our world, there is an alternative operating system. There is something better than Windows. It is Linux.

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