Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Earth 5

First, I have to reiterate that installing packages outside the PCLinuxOS repositories isn't supported by the PCLinuxOS Community Forum, and I will not be held responsible if anyone follows my example and breaks their installation. This is merely a record of a simple task that I did to install the latest release of Google Earth.

I downloaded the latest release (as of this posting is Google Earth 5.0) and saved the bin to a folder. When I first installed it, I got several errors that a required library wasn't installed so I went and used Synaptic to install the missing libraries. It still didn't work, and just crashed when I launch it.

I wanted to install GoogleEarth so I settled for an earlier version which is available on the repository, and that naturally worked. I played with it for a week but I just wanted the latest. With the package from the repository installed, all I did was install over that and I got a working GoogleEarth 5.0.

I couldn't be happier.

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