Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting a change of bootsplash to work

I am still a Linux novice so why should new users complain that it is hard to use? I knew of a command that I forgot was useful in a small project I did and have been receiving feedbacks from the PCLinuxOS community.

The command:

A reason why I probably couldn't remember the command is I am always logon as a user and I have setup sudo. The command is only available to root. And in using the Konsole, I usually just type out the first two then three letters of a command and hit the tab to complete the command. Laziness has its disadvantages.

Anyway, as pointed out by a user. Dhamaka, changing the bootsplash was as easy as:
# switch-themes <options> <themes>

The options are optional and just three little switches. The -c after the command informs you which current theme is used; the -l lists all the available themes; and -u updates the current theme installed.

Incidentally, there were several suggestions in improving the theme package, which I am taking notes of and hope to add on a changelog. I've never really done stuff like this and it is highly educational if not truly technical.

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