Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too long, too late

For almost a year since my last post, I've been struggling to find a reliable proxy to get around China's block of various websites such as YouTube, Imageshack, Picasaweb and many more. I have tried several but wasn't really happy with them. Maybe this time...

Well... updates. PCLinuxOS is releasing beta ISOs for community testing. And much to the delight of everyone, the betas (currently on its second) seemed to be stable enough for most uses. I am actually typing this post from it ... installed, of course. Congruent derivatives such as Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, Enlightenment17 and Zen-Mini are also being released by their respective developers. In anticipation, I'm sure (though this is just my own guess) that there will also be remasters for specific applications to be released, such as for photographers, musicians, webmasters, etc.

Incidentally, the NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine, under the outstanding leadership of my friend, Paul Arnote had also released the March edition, and included must-read articles packed on a whooping 11Mb PDF. I, personally enjoyed reading profiles of the PCLinuxOS administrators, (global) moderators and developers. There are stuff for anyone - newbies, casual and advanced users - from fun stuff to serious CLI tutorials.

Last but not the least, Scoundrel made it to the moderator panel and frankly, I think he is an excellent choice for the task. Congratulations to Scoundrel!